Telematics Car Insurance Terms and Conditions


This document is applicable to all products provided by AiCare Telematics Limited. You should read this alongside the telematics insurance policy provided to you by your Insurance Company. At AiCare, we focus on providing customers with telematics-based motor insurance products. Our primary aim is to act honestly, fairly and professionally and in the customer or potential customer’s best interest. We do not give advice, instead we give customers information they might need to understand its relevance at an appropriate time, so a customer can make an informed decision.


Data Protection Legislation

Detailed information about our approach to processing data can be found in our Privacy Notice. You can access a copy at https://aicare.co.ke/data-privacy/


Main Benefits

Your telematics policy through AiCare provides several key benefits including:

  • Automated ambulance rescue (for those subscribed) in the event of an accident
  • Feedback on your driving via an online dashboard and suggestions on how to improve your driving.
  • Tracking services to help locate your vehicle if it is stolen (see “Theft-Tracking” section).
  • Improved claims handling as telematics data can provide independent, objective evidence in the event of an accident.


Installation of the Telematics Device

When you purchase a motor insurance policy from us, you will have a telematics device that is professionally fitted by our third party installation network. The device must be fitted to your vehicle prior to the start of the insurance policy cover period. The device must remain operational for the entire time that your policy is in force, including any subsequent renewal. Neither us nor the insurer can be held responsible for any defects relating to the telematics device e.g., defects in its design, materials, or workmanship. Any warranty provided by the manufacturer of the telematics device does not apply to any item which is part of the insured vehicle and which is used in conjunction with the telematics device (e.g. the battery for the insured vehicle). The maintenance of such items is the responsibility of the policyholder.


Installation process

  1. Your telematics device will need to be installed by our third-party installation network. The device will be fitted by our approved engineers who are fully competent to carry out the work to the required standard. You will need to make an appointment to have your device installed. You will then be contacted to have your appointment confirmed.
  2. At the time of installing the device, you must provide the installation engineer with proof of identity and ownership of the insured vehicle – specifically photo identity, such as a Driving Licence or ID/Passport, and the Vehicle Registration Document (Log Book). The person who instals the device will also take photos of your car; we will use this
    1. to check it matches the description you gave us;
    2. as an input to the vehicle valuation process; and
    3. as the basis for the vehicle condition at the start of the insurance policy
  3. Once the technician has access to the vehicle, you will be requested to leave the vehicle in their hands for a period not exceeding 1 hour for the device installation and vehicle valuation to take place


Installation fines

If the telematics device is not installed because you fail to attend the appointment, or the vehicle is not as you described when you took out your policy, you will be charged a KeS 5,000 fee for the failed appointment.   You can be charged a KeS 5,000 failed appointment fee for the following reasons (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Failure to attend the appointment.
  • If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice.
  • Upon the engineer attending the appointment they discover:
    • The vehicle is not as you described when you took out your policy, for example the vehicle has been modified and these modifications have not been disclosed to us or your insurer.
    • The vehicle is not fully functional, for example there is a warning light on the dashboard.
    • It is not safe for the engineer to carry out the installation, for example, due to the condition of the vehicle or the vehicle is not parked in an accessible and safe location, or there is inadequate space for the passenger door to open


Claims Process

When you are claiming

Nobody likes having to make a claim. Some of the things to be aware of in order to ensure that the claims process goes smoothly:

  • You must tell us about any potential claim within 24 hours of it occurring. We have provided you with both a claims section on the Switch App and a Web Dashboard from where you can lodge the claim.
  • If applicable, and it is safe to do so, please call us from the scene of the accident.
  • Take photographs of any damage to the vehicles involved
  • If your claim is due to theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or vandalism, you should also notify the Police and obtain a police occurrence book reference number (OB number)
  • Please ensure that (where possible) your vehicle is locked and the keys are in a safe place.


When someone makes a claim against you

There are a a few simple steps you can take to try reduce the amount of any claim against you and to protect yourself against fraudulent claims

  1. Do not apologise or admit it was your fault
  2. Make sure to take the other persons details including:
    • Their name, address and and contact number
    • Their vehicle registration number and its make and model
    • Their insurers’s name and policy number
  3. Take photos of:
    • Any damage to their vehicle
    • Any damage to your own vehicle
    • The scene of the accident, as long as it’s safe to do so
  4. Make note of:
    • Any injuries to anyone involved
    • The number of passengers in the other vehicle
    • The name, address and contact number of any witnesses
    • The name and contact number of any police officer who attends the scene of the accident
    • Any unusual behaviour from the other person and the direction they take when they leave the scene


Theft Tracking

The telematics device has GPS/GSM tracking functionality. If your vehicle is stolen, you must activate the tracking facility as follows:

  1. report the theft to the Police and obtain a Police Occurrence Book (OB) number
  2. contact AiCare and/or your insurers to report the claim.

If available, any vehicle location data will be sent to the Police and/or your Insurer directly.   If the Police recover the vehicle, they may take it to a secure compound for further investigation and you may be required to pay Police recovery and storage charges. Please obtain a receipt for any such payments and submit as part of your claim.


Interruptions to the Collection of Data

The collection and transmission of data by the telematics device may occasionally be impaired or interrupted by operational and/or atmospheric conditions, power failures, or other causes, conditions or events beyond our reasonable control or the capabilities of the telematics device[1]. We will rectify any interruptions to the transmission of the data where it is possible for us to do so. If you do not communicate with us when we contact you to rectify any interruptions, this could result in cancellation of your policy.


Faulty Telematics Device

If we suspect that the device is faulty, we will contact you to repair or replace the telematics device free of charge. If you suspect that the telematics device is defective for any reason you must notify us as soon as possible and we will make arrangements to correct the fault.   Neither AiCare Telematics Limited nor our telematics data provider will repair (or replace) any item which is part of the insured vehicle and which is used to enable the operation of the telematics device and/or in conjunction with it (e.g. the vehicle battery) as such items are your responsibility to maintain in good working order. The telematics device uses the battery power supply meaning there will be a nominal voltage drain on your battery even when the vehicle is not being used. AiCare Telematics Limited and/or our telematics data provider, including any subsidiary or third-party subcontractor, cannot be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of a device or service failure.